The Process/Rates

Note: As pornography addiction can be a shameful subject for many, I completely understand that some may choose to keep their identities private. I respect that privacy. Should a person decide to disclose their identity, it will not be shared with any outside person under any circumstance. I understand the need for privacy and any personal information shared with be kept confidential.


Here’s how this will work:

Please read the Disclaimer Page before proceeding.

You decide you want to explore this method of support. First, make connection with me via email at, and in a couple of sentences tell me your situation and your main concerns you’d like me to help with.

Assuming there are no immediate red flags that would prohibit us from working together, I will send you anywhere from 5 to 15 questions about your specific situation that I’d like more information about before we move forward. Do not answer these questions unless you want to move forward with the process. We need to WANT to work together for this to be a good relationship.


Upon returning the questions (hopefully within a few days), a $50 USD payment should be made via PayPal to


Your initial payment will get you the following:


Communication via e-mail

You have one of two options…

Option 1: After reading your answers to my questions, I will send you a respone of no less than 500 words providing support, kindness, observations, suggestions, tools, resources and likely a few more questions. You are encouraged to respond to this email with any further questions. I will send another email of no less than 500 words in response. This is the better option if you’re looking for in-depth conversation/analysis.

Option 2: After reading your answers, I’ll highlight the areas I think need to be addressed immediately and respond in an email of 300-400 words. You will respond, I will respond, you will respond, and I will respond again. While the emails are shorter, this gives one additional round of dialogue. This is the better option if you have one or two key areas of concern.


Communication via video chat or telephone

First, we will establish an agenda for our call, even if it’s as simple as “Let’s see where this takes us.” Based on that agenda and what you’d like to talk about, we’ll have an exchange that lasts no less than 45 minutes and no more than 75 minutes. Depending on the direction of the call, I will provide support, kindness, observations, suggestions, tools, resources and likely a few more questions.


Future interaction:

If you wish to continue in a peer counseling relationship with me after our emails or video chat/telephone call, the option is open to continue our communication at the rate of $35 for any of the choices listed above, re-upping as many times as you feel necessary.